Towards a more sustainable water-cycle

Mission statement

BES Europe: The leading solution for a sustainable water cycle

BES Europe designs and implements future-proof and cutting-edge solutions for wastewater monitoring and treatment in collaboration with local communities, stakeholders and experts.

Sustainability has a very specific meaning in the context of wastewater treatment. It means being prepared to operate within the framework of future regulations, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing impact on the environment.

At BES Europe, we take sustainability very seriously. For us it means a complex and specific way of thinking about the impact of future wastewater treatment. Our microbial fuel cell (or shortly MFC) based technology portfolio allows remote and on-site zero power monitoring of the wastewater treatment process supporting operators and authorities to make water treatment way more efficient. Furthermore our large-scale solutions will aid the treatment processes use significantly less energy.

Clean waters with zero emissions

In our vision, wastewater treatment will become an energy-neutral and essential part of the sustainable water cycle using minimal resources.

Our vision

Why wastewater treatment need to be reformed?

Efficiency by optimized operations

Wastewater treatment is an energy intensive process, where nearly all steps require significant amount of electricity. Water-energy issues are of growing importance in the context of water shortages, higher energy and material costs, and climate change.

Wastewater treatment plants’ operators have hard time keeping up with changing regulatory and environmental demands as such considerations were not taken into account decades ago, when the facilities were designed and constructed. However, nowadays efficiency and sustainability are increasingly demanded by the operators, owners, policy makers and local communities.

Lack of real-time monitoring - inefficient use of resources and energy

Measurement of usual indicators of wastewater treatment (such as BOD) is a time and effort consuming process with results often delivered 5 days after sampling. This data delivery format does not allow quick reactions by operators; thus the treatment process may not run optimally and efficiently.

MFC based sensors by BES Europe provide real-time monitoring of the treatment process thus data delivered directly to your smartphone or other mobile device makes it possible to adjust the treatment process, or redefine fees for sewage system use based on effluent parameters or even intervene in case of pollution leakage.

Industries with organic effluent or authorities overseeing the wastewater management can also benefit from our solution, not only wastewater treatment plants.

Demand for increasing capacities - lack of physical space

Ageing infrastructures in the urban environment are at the verge of their capacities in Europe. Local and European stakeholders, regulators are demanding more efficient and sustainable technologies. At the same time, lack of basic infrastructures in the developing world call for easy to install and effective solutions.

Large-scale implementation of MFC technology offered by BES Europe for wastewater treatment will increase both efficiency and capacities, at the same time cutting operating costs without increasing the footprint of the given facility.


MFC by BES major milestones

  • Company funded and IP acquired
  • Academic partnership
  • First potential clients
  • Draft development plan
  • Water monitoring prototype
  • Finalize P&L forecast
  • Get investments/deals for water monitoring
  • Pilot for large scale treatment
  • Product line for water monitoring
  • Investment for large scale
  • Clients for large scale

The MFC advantage

The MFC advantage in wastewater monitoring and treatment

MFC based products by BES Europe provide the new-generational sensor and treatment technology which allows the required increase in efficiency to meet the demands of today and the challenges of the future.

MFC based products offered by BES Europe Ltd. will help in improving the efficiency...

... of the treatment of

  • municipal wastewater,
  • or industrial effluent with high organic content on a large scale.

... by MFC-based sensors that

  • allow remote or on-site and real time monitoring of wastewater treatment,
  • support operators to monitor industrial effluent levels entering into the sewage system that may be basis for usage fees,
  • help authorities overseeing sewage systems to learn about emergency events through the early warning feature.

Read on to see how this technology will impact your field of expertise!

For wastewater professionals in the municipal and industrial sectors

Wastewater treatment process monitoring sensors

Unlike the usual protocols for BOD measurement, MFC-based sensors by BES Europe provide real time and remote monitoring without time and effort consuming lab works. The operation principle of an MFC based sensor is based on the observation that the output current is proportional with the organic content of the wastewater monitored.

MFC-based sensors do not require external power allowing simple deployment and sustainable operations. The output data can be used to optimize the process which may significantly reduce operational costs or to calculate charges for sewage system use.

Future-proof operations greatly reducing electric energy needs

On a large scale, MFC technology by BES Europe answers the need of modernising ageing infrastructures by reducing the energy use and operational cost due to the anaerobic and direct electricity producing process. MFC technology allows to build sustainable, efficient and low operational cost facilities. Products based on this emerging technology may soon turn wastewater treatment into an energy-neutral and low carbon process.

For authorities overseeing the wastewater treatment process

Wastewater system monitoring sensors

Local communities face increasing demand of clean water and support strict legal requirements for treatment of wastewater. Sensor systems that monitor the status of sewage system in real time, on-site or remotely with early warning of potential pollution leakages into nature offer a great advantage for authorities overseeing the wastewater treatment. Early warning messages of increased pollution can help to quickly identify location and act.

MFC-based sensors by BES Europe are capable to power themselves from the environment allowing a flexible and quick installation and low-cost usage.

Permitting and managing new facilities

>Urban lock-in does not allow the extension of the physical space of wastewater treatment and the pressure to cut down on costs prohibit increased use of energy and other resources. New facilities may allow local decision-makers to meet the increasing demand for sustainability and cost reduction as top priority with respecting the burden on society and local communities.

The large-scale implementation of MFC technology by BES Europe may ultimately enable to turn wastewater treatment into sustainable operations in opposite to the current energy-intensive processes.

For the environment and population

Finding more value in wastewater

Current treatment processes do not fit into the sustainable economy as they consume significant amount of resources, especially electric energy and this way have high operational costs. To make wastewater treatment sustainable, significant technological advancements need to be made. MFC technology to be offered by BES Europe can make the wastewater treatment process sustainable by its zero energy and low carbon features.

MFC based sensors by BES Europe enable the precise monitoring of the treatment process, and the gathered data allows plants and authorities to greatly reduce environmental impact and resource use. On a large scale, the new-generation treatment process based on MFC technology does not only remove hazardous substances but produces renewable electricity. This will allow to meet the demands for clean water in the future, without increasing the energy use or the footprint of wastewater treatment. MFC technology is an investment to the future of clean water supply and the zero-energy water circle.


Technology and services

BES Europe is developing and distributing MFC devices in different scales for wastewater monitoring and wastewater treatment sectors. Our effort is to make BES Europe one of the most experienced partners for MFC applications in Europe and beyond. For this, we are building up an effective company and supplier structure. Next to establishing the base for operation, we are currently focusing on the prototype and product portfolio development in the remote sensors field first, and subsequently in the field of treatment with the involvement of clients.


MFC based technology designs and production
Manufacturing of carbon electrodes for MFCs
Integration design into wastewater processes
LCA and techno-economic scale-up calculations
Feasibility studies with site visits, sampling and lab-tests

Key products and features

Overview and features

Water monitoring sensors by BES Europe

Prototype 2018 key features

  • Zero external power use,
  • BOD early warning system for monitoring wastewater effluents (at municipal WWTPs and industries),
  • Remote sensing by data transfer to the cloud and access by mobile app
Large scale application of MFCs by BES Europe

Large scale wastewater treatment units under development:

  • Reducing BOD up to 85%.
  • Operating at ambient temperature,
  • No moving parts,
  • Low maintenance need

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